Yeah, this is the best disc golf-related app ever made.  Everybody knows that.  What you may not know is that it will, without a doubt, improve your game.  If you dont believe that, get ready to have your mind-brains blown.


You can share your score on Facebook or Twitter.  No more hiding behind tall tales of how good you are.  There's your scorecard, tweeted and retweeted everywhere.  People are laughing at how bad you are.  What are you feeling right now?  That's right, shame.  What do you do next?  You practice.  You practice like there's no tomorrow.  If your life was a movie there would be a sweet montage with possibly some slow motion clips and it would fade to black at the end with you covered in sweat, jumping up and down next to a basket.  There would be an awesome song with an awesome drum solo going on.  BOOOM!  Disc Golf Caddy just made you a better player.  Your score just dropped 10 strokes.

Maybe thats not your thing.  Maybe you dont have time for slow motion high-fiving and drum solos.  In that case, take a look at scenario #2.


Ok, hard work isn't for you.  Thats ok.  With Disc Golf Caddy's easy-to-use, highly intuitive interface for score keeping, you can just put whatever you want in there.  You hit four trees and lost your disc because of a frisky squirrel?  No big deal.  Just mark that down as a two and keep going.

You get the picture.  You shot a +30.  The scorecard you showed everyone says you shot a -5.  BAM!  Are you a better player?  No.  Are you a liar and a cheat?  Yes, but know that Disc Golf Caddy doesn't judge you.  

Awesome Feature Set

I know what you're thinking now.  "What about me?  I dont suck bad enough to be shamed into practicing more AND I dont lie about my score."  Well guess what, Disc Golf Caddy is still ready to take you to the next level.

Here's a scenario I'm sure you're familiar with: you're playing at a course you haven't played at much before and you come to a hole you know you've done well on, but you cant remember what you did before that worked.   You throw a shot that doesn't quite hit the line right and next thing you know your disc is at the bottom of a lake.  Disc Golf Caddy looks at you and says "I could have told you that was going to happen, you did the same thing six months ago."  Not exactly in those words, but on each hole you have the ability to look at a list of past shots that you've taken and see what worked and what turned out disasterous based on a 1-5 rating scale.  Save the type of shot you took, the disc you used and the angle you threw it at so that next time you dont embarass yourself.

Hold on to your butts.

Here's some other stuff that may or may not entice you, as if you aren't hooked already.

  • Course list - input details for every course you ever play at. Keeps all information such as pars and distances for each tee.
  • Round History - you can see all the rounds you've ever played, best scores, worst scores, average scores, etc. You can even look at a graph of your past rounds on a certain course.
  • Disc Inventory - keep track of all the discs you carry. Save information on each one such as disc name, manufacturer, weight, plastic type and even a picture.
  • Group Round - while disc golf caddy is mostly meant to be a personal score keeper and performance tracker, it can also be used to keep score for a group. Any number of players can be kept and past rounds can be viewed easily.
  • Sharing - every round that is entered through the app can be shown as a standard scorecard and then shared via Facebook, Twitter or email. If you dont want to share the scorecard, you also have the option of just sharing a short blurb saying you just finished a round and what your final score was.

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