Next Update
  • Weird occasional crashing issues

Currently Working On
  • Lagginess when switching holes w/ swipe


Next Update
  • Group round player order should be set based upon previous hole score
  • On shot input, specify path for shot - left, right or straight
  • Add disc categories so you can toggle if the disc is a Distance driver, fairway, Mid, putter
  • Penalty strokes
  • Add notes per hole and/or course for conditions hazards, etc.
  • Add reports tab which will act as a one stop shop for all summary data.
  • Note the time/weather for a round
  • When you exit a round and open it back up, start on the last entered hole instead of starting on hole 1 each time.
  • Different pars per tee

Other suggestions (Future enhancements)
  • Use GPS to measure shot distance
  • Group round should use swipe navigation (same as "rounds") rather than previous/next links
  • Group round general UI cleanup to better match the look and feel of "Rounds"
  • Multiple basket position distances per hole
  • Add confirmation if no score is entered before allowing to continue to next hole.